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Start your satellite TV channel on is20! How to start a Free To Air (FTA) DTH satellite channel in South Africa, Nigeria, Africa, and the world, so viewers can view media you make anywhere in the world?

If you are a church, ministry, broadcaster or company, we have a solution to save you money and help you do more for less. You don’t have to do things the traditional expensive way anymore. Purple Turtle offers you, less traditional approaches giving the same broadcast quality for less costs. We make it simple to Start your satellite TV channel on is20 in South Africa, Nigeria or anywhere else.

The thought to Start your satellite TV channel on is20 can be a very daunting one with possible high costs and risk. Navigating this process can be a mine field.

What satellite do you use? How many mbps do you need? (What is a mpbs anyhow?) Do you go C-Band or Ku-Band? (what is C-Band and Ku-Band?) How do you get your video to the satellite uplink? How do I setup a playout server? The big questions like this go on and on, confusing a stressful decision process further. Often people either give up or go with the first option someone givens them be it right for them or not. Most cases its NOT the best option for them and they realize this after they are locked into long contracts.

Our Clients:

This is where Purple Turtle steps in to help you navigate this process of starting your new Satellite TV channel.

We take time to speak to you as a person and understand your unique vision and goals for your project. We then match your budget to solutions that work for your pricing point and more importantly advance your PURPOSE and not distract it. After that we set out a plan to help you grow, by starting small and growing bigger adding options as you grow. If during the assessment we see that it may not be in your best interests to start the TV channel will will advise you so you can take it into consideration to avoid failure. Purple Turtle does not sign deals for the sake of signing a deal. We take the time to know that the solution we have advised on is the most ethical solution and has the clients best interests in mind. We don’t like to see clients satellite TV channels fail.

Its why Purple Turtle is the ONLY Satellite TV channel supplier on is20 with a 100% success rate, of new channels launching with us succeeding. FACT

Over the years we have seen many new satellite TV channel startups fail after spending masses of money on it with other vendors. We have seen Satellite TV channel startups, channels eat and destroy churches and ministries as well. So we guide you based on these other satellite TV channels mistakes to help you succeed and not make the same mistakes they did. But there are many other vendors who will gladly take your money and see you fail. They do not share your Vision and calling.

Purple Turtle offers proven cost-effective end to end solutions for clients with PERSONAL attention and support unrivaled in the industry.

Our clients are people and friends not account numbers and you always have direct access to the decision makers to get things done. No dealing with support centers or NOC’s and waiting for hours, speak to real people in REAL time to get REAL support and service.

Give Purple Turtle Broadcast Solutions a try and you will see complicated projects simplified. CONTACT PURPLE TURTLE TO HELP YOU START YOUR TV CHANNEL

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