Start your TV channel FAQ by Purple Turtle

22+ years of helping new TV and satellite TV channel startups, at Purple Turtle we have had many ask us what is needed to start a successful TV channel so we thought we would create the Starting a TV channel FAQ for you to help. Our specialty is helping your viewers view media in new ways that matters. See how.

How much does it cost to start a TV channel on satellite or online?

Very good question to start with. Costs are key. Without funding your dream has no legs and is just a day dream. At Purple Turtle we suggest anyone looking to start a TV channel has 3-6 months monthly costs in their bank account before starting.
eg: Monthly costs are $6000 then you need 3/6 X $6000 = $18 000/$36 000
Now this excercise alone will show you the demands required financially.

Purple Turtle offers you options to start your new TV channel with different packages:
Entry Level startup online TV channels from $600 per month
Satellite Entry level options from $3500 per month up

View More Purple Turtles pricing HERE

Do you supply funding for new TV channels?

Simple answer there , NO.
Purple Turtle is a technology partner that supplies all the technology to help you start, and broadcast your TV channel 24/7 online or via satellite. We take care of the complicated tech stuff so you can focus on content and making your channel awesome. YOU need to have your funding and business plan in place before we can help.
We get many people who think that they will fund their channels by airtime sales. Truth is 90%+ channels with this model FAIL. WHY? because new channels are unknown and people do not see the value in them yet.
Purple Turtle always suggests you diversify your TV channel or satellite Channel funding so you do not have all your eggs in 1 basket. This reduces the risks of financial issues running your channel.

What equipment do I need to start a TV channel?

At a real basic level you need to have camera and editing gear to create your programing and elements for your channel on air. If this is not in place and actively working we suggest STOP before you waste money. Get them in place. You do not need to spend a fortune on this either as there is many FREE (yes FREE) video editing packages out there that will offer the broadcast quality you need.
Your biggest asset in running a TV channel is your video team. Invest in them now!

The rest of the complicated broadcast stuff Purple Turtle can take care of for you so your focus remains on making awesome TV that impacts people. We can also consult as required on options you may need before you spend a small fortune on equipment.

Purple Turtle always suggests ONLY BUY IF YOU CAN’T MOVE FORWARDS WITHOUT IT! hire, sub contact to start with, try the hired gear before you guy your own so you know what you buying and if its suited to your needs.

How do I reach the people I want when I start a TV channel?

1st critical thing to define is what your target audience looks like, where they are and most of all how they consume content. You want to be sure that your potential viewers can view media you create easily and without costs that prevent them from watching.
This will vary by country and region. Some areas have fiber internet so you have the option to use a Purple Turtle online TV channel solution. BUT other regions where internet is expensive or limited one of the many Purple Turtle satellite options would work best as it gets you direct to the viewers home.
Truth is, not all solutions are best for all clients, it all comes down to the clients unique PURPOSE and VISION.
Any vendor who does not take your uniqueness as a channel into account is leading you down the garden path just to notch up another sale and get your money, be ware.
The Purple Turtle “Tv Channel Startup” Coaching/Mentoring program is the best way to get clarity on this. Contact us to find out more about this paid course where we work 1:1 with you.
The course is SO effective, we offer a money back guarantee for you after successful 6months of your channel launched with us.

What are the biggest causes of new TV channel startups failing?

Very wise question to ask and its what inspired this Starting a TV channel FAQ page. IF you know why others before you have failed you can learn from their expensive school fees and then build from there to improve your chances of success.

3 top reasons for others before you failing:
1. Finances They can not pay the bills as they underestimated costs as they failed to plan correctly and rushed.
2. Content If you do not have enough content (programs) and you start repeating, people stop watching.
3. Relevance their TV channel is not relevant to the viewers

This is one of the major reasons Purple Turtle has started the “TV Channel Startup” Coaching/Mentoring program to work 1:1 with new startups to help them get massive clarity on their goals and whats truly required before starting your TV channel. Contact us for more info ASAP

Who should I use to help me launch a new Satellite TV channel?

Yes Purple Turtle is bias on this one. US OF COURSE
But why?
Purple Turtle is the ONLY (yes ONLY) vendor who supplies TV channels on the very popular is20 satellite in Africa (where DSTV is) that has a 100% success rate of new channels launching with us, staying on air and being successful.
NO one else can claim this.
So sales and marketing aside, actions speak louder than sales and marketing.

So ask yourself, do you want a vendor that talks and sells you, trying to convince you with free options and pushes you to launch in 24 hours, OR a vendor with a PROVEN track record that no one else can touch that is focused on YOU and you getting only what you need for your Vision.

IF we are the only to have a 100% success rate, that no other has, Purple Turtle CLEARLY has something the others don’t. and THAT is what you need!

Our Clients:

If you still have more questions that this Starting a TV channel FAQ did not address, please reach out to Purple Turtle and we will be able to do an assessment of your needs and advise you the best unique solution for YOU so you only pay for what you need and ONLY do what is inline with your PURPOSE and CALLING with nothing that can distract from that.

Allow us to help you get your viewers to view media you create in simple innovative ways that makes your media more accessible to them. Contact us

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