BroadcastAugust 30, 2021

Pop-Up Satellite TV channel for Church Conferences

Covid has changed how people do everything, especially Church. The solution: Pop up satellite TV channel for churches. Churches most of all have been impacted. Pop-Up satellite TV channels have become extremely popular as it now allows churches to do conferences etc via satellite enabling members to take part safely at home.

A Pop-UP satellite TV channel is a satellite TV channel that is only on air for 1 month or more. The packages designed by Purple Turtle help churches even with limited video experience achieve the live production skills fast without major hardware expenses. The focus is to help churches use what they have already to help members view media in new ways.

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Reach 40 million people with Satellite TV
BroadcastMarch 30, 2021

Reach 40 MILLION households in Africa with Satellite TV on is20

Africa is one of the worlds most over looked and underestimated growing TV markets. Unlike many parts of the world where internet connectivity is affordable and cheap allowing people to access TV online, Africa’s most popular method for people to connect to the TV channels they love is by satellite TV. Perfect to reach Africa with Satellite TV buy starting your own TV channel.

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