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Best Deal EVER for starting your TV channel on is20

Purple Turtle’s passion is fanning Vision and Calling into Reality. As part of our commitment to this passion we have launched out $4000 satellite TV channel project on the Popular is20 satellite (where DSTV is),(yes you read it right $4000 a month that’s R55 000 )

Choosing is20 Satellite provider to start my Satellite TV channel

Choosing an is20 Satellite provider. - How to avoid “selling your soul to the devil”

With many choices out there today how do you make the right decision when choosing a supplier for is20 satellite FTA DTH, so you will not regret it later? We get asked this many times by clients who consult with.

This is what we tell them.

DIY Playout Vs Hosted Playout Servers when starting a satellite channel services on is20

launch ministry satellite tv channel with purple turtle

DIY Playout Vs Hosted Playout satellite channel services on is20

Starting your own satellite TV channel on satellite is a big step to take, with so many options you can go with. The more options you hear the more it can become over whelming confusing.

How to Tune your DSTV Decoder to View Mpeg4 Free to air Public channels

How to Tune my DSTV deocder to is20 Mpeg4 channels by Purple Turtle

For information on How to Tune your DSTV decoder to the FREE Public channels, please contact your DSTV installer as we are unable to support home users in tuning their decoders. Tuning your DSTV decoder is a great way to get the free Public channels. But it does still require a DSTV subscription of some kind. EasyView is suggested as its cheap and easy.

To find out how to launch your own Satellite TV Channel Please visit our site for more information under Broadcast.

Tips on Starting Your own TV station or Television Channel

Is20 saatellite channel in Africa Viewsat Purple Turtle

“How do I start my own TV channel?” "What do I need to start a TV channel" these are questions we often hear people looking to start the TV Journey. What if people DON'T viewmedia we create for our TV channel?

So, we thought we would publish some basic guidelines for those looking to start their own TV channel for their Church, Company or community.


Guidelines to starting your own TV channel


Know who you are!

How To Start your own TV Station simply and cost effectively to reach the world.

Purple Turtle DIY FTA satellite Tv channel startups

We often get asked the question of how do we go about starting a Free To Air FTA DTH Satellite TV channel so we thought we would post some info to guide you on your journey. As always we are here to make the journey easy simple and most of all, Cost Effective.

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