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A’Botshelo TV

The first presentation meeting with Rick was thorough, detailed, and gave our production crew time to ask questions for clarifications, as well as advise on which equipment to purchase for quality production. Our organization have been using social media handles, which was limited. Therefore, engaging Purple Turtle helped us to reach a wider audience. Purple Turtle has improved our professionalism in the broadcasting sector. Work became enjoyable and we always looked forward to the next production to exercise the knowledge we gained. The 4 unexpected benefits working with Purple Turtle we found were 1. Constant communication. 2. Relationship/Friendship 3. 'Free' advise 4. Technical advise

Cordelia M

Purple Turtle and RiC is Friendly, efficient and knows his stuff when it comes to cutting edge broadcast technology. Second to none, I can confidently recommend RiC's services to anyone.

m.LK | Kenneth M

I would like to thank Purple Turtle's Ric Spear for the amazing training he provided to me. He helped me understand how to align my strengths and how to leverage my capabilities to be a much more deliberate individual. He also helped me clarify what it is that I want to achieve and how I can unpack that into practical steps to achieve the said outcome. He is a straight shooter who ensures that one keeps moving and that helped me overcome some blockages in my pursuit of success in business and I must say I would recommend him to anyone who wants to move forward in the pursuit of their goals

Agri TV

We would like to thank Purple Turtle, and RiC for the coaching. He assisted us to get our idea of an agriculture TV Channel (AgriTV) into a vision that is now ready to be launched. We appreciate his focus, support and professionalism to believe in our vision. We strongly recommend him.


Purple Turtle has a high standard of delivery and will pull out all stops to make sure the service works and go the extra mile to make broadcast TV solutions work.

Mountain of Fire and Miracles (MFM)

When MFM looked to start a Satellite TV channel in  2009 we went with Purple Turtle 1st.  There service was excellent, they kept an eye on our channel when we were not around and helped us grow and learn safety. As technology changed they upgraded and took us along and never charged extra. Their support is always a kick away with real people who shared our vision and were able to action things FAST.


We moved to Purple Turtle from another vendor because of their hands on approach, Support thats is on point, ongoing service improvements and upgrades they do not charge us for and 10x faster video file uploads to our playout server.

Marvel -Age of Ultron Production Team South Africa

I was incredibly happy with the service from a creative standpoint – although we were in the office in London prepping the main unit shoot, it was like we were on the streets of Joburg with the second unit team. Having an opportunity to give real-time feedback to the shooting unit from thousands of miles away was a fantastic, exciting and new way to work and something that I would like to do again in the future....