is20 satellite start your owb tv channel
Own your own Satellite TV channel or Looking to start one? The correct partner to make it happen is key. Want to know the truth about is20 FTA satellite? Read on

Don’t fall for glitzy slick presentations and “deals” that offer you stuff for free, these are all traps designed to make you sign with them fast without looking deeper. FREE is a distraction, a shiny object designed to distract you from the hidden.
Remember nothing worth having in life is free and there is always a catch on free that’s hidden in small print.
Like slimy telemarketers who make things sound amazing for you to buy now “and we will throw in a FREE ….. service, but that’s not all BUY today, and we give you FREE….” So, you buy under pressure for the “great deal” when you buy you have buyers remorse as you realise what you were sold was smoke and mirrors and not what you needed.

FREE broadcast, and we set your channel up in 24 hours. If you hear this from a vendor RUN. Why? No channel that lasts was started in 24 hours ever in the history of TV. The only person it favours is the vedor trying to sell you the service.

Choose a partner to help run your satellite TV channel that is an Industry LEADER and not a COPIER or FOLLOWER of others.

A few FACTS about Purple Turtle Media Groups 1sts in the Africa region.

•    First mpeg4 DTH satellite broadcasts in 2010
•    First streaming of satellite TV channels and OTT to mobile devices 2011
•    First Delivery of Broadcast Signals via DVB over Public Internet 2012 with 99.9+% uptime
•    1st to allow clients to broadcast live event son their satellite TV channels 2009
•    First to deploy Social media integration on LIVE TV channels to make TV interactive 2017
•    Serving the broadcast industry in Africa since 1998 20 YEARS
•    First Independently owned Satellite Newsgathering satellite uplink trucks 2004
•    Personal client service from people you get to build a relationship with, small enough to care, big enough to make things happen.
•    Not only a service provider BUT a Friendship with clients that extends past the SLA and Contract, because Purple Turtle cares about people.
•    Full transparency and accountability. Purple Turtle Clients deal with decision makers and get action fast with direct lines to CEO for accountability.
•    100% Africa based, from Africa, For Africa, keeping the income in Africa for the benefit of Africa
•    Unashamedly ethical business practices

We get so many clients coming to us because of band experiences at some of the BIG suppliers who push marketing on is20 satellite DTH hard, who sell clients services that don’t work for their unique needs, or hidden catches and prices which forces the channels to look for alternative options with like minded suppliers to take their vision far for their satellite TV channel
Don’t have your money wasted by slick sales people.
This is the truth that Big businesses don’t want you to find out about these truths about is20 FTA satellite.

As always Purple Turtle is happy to put our money where their mounts are to back up our statements with cold fact. Are other vendors?
This is why are Bigger players are so threatened by the personal service, Purple Turtle Group offer.

Because we play with open cards, we innovate, create and lead while others just lazily copy and follow us.

If a BIG company’s are so threatened by Purple Turtle Group it tells you something about how we work, we are relevant, cutting edge and they view us as a threat.
Those are ALL things that work in your favor.

WE won’t tell you, you are ready to start your TV channel if we can see you are not and take your money like other BIG companies do.
Purple Turtle Media have a 100% success rate with new channels starting with us for a reason, ETHICAL sales.

You need to ask yourself do you want a LEADER with Vision you share or a FOLLOWER running your satellite TV channel DTH on is20 satellite? Contact us today to find out the truth about the is20 FTA satellite.


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