Start a Tvc channel in Zimbabwe

Times have changed with Covid-19 and so should the way you reach people. Starting a TV channel in Zimbabwe to take your message to viewers who can not afford data for streaming is KEY to reaching them. BUT How do you go about it. Do you start a Satellite TV channel or online?

TIPS for starting a TV channel in Zimbabwe or elsewhere


Funding is key. Without stable funding your channel will not last and you want to create a Satellite TV channel that lasts right? What we always suggest is ONLY start when you have 3 to 6 months monthly costs secured in your bank account. This allows you a buffer of financial protection when you launch. It also shows you if you can really afford a channel BEFORE you spend money

Video Team who are already producing content

Without a Team creating video content BEFORE you you launch you will burn through content very fast until people are bored seeing repeats. Ensure you have a video production team in place who are already creating programing and content. Build a strong library of programing before you look to start your satellite TV channel. Without content that new and relevant you will lose viewers you worked had to get.


This point sounds obvious right. BUT why is your starting TV channel in Zimbabwe relevant to viewers? What makes you stand out from the rest on satellite? People are looking for channels that meet a unique need/pain point in them. Is your new Satellite TV channel meeting this need and bringing a solution thats needed?

Purple Turtle is the leader in Africa in helping people launch new TV channels. We are the ONLY supplier on the popular is20 satellite that has a 100% success rate of new channels launching with us staying on air in our 22 years of business (since 1998)

We are also the 1s and only to offer potential new channel startups a one on one “TV channel start up coaching/mentoring program” to help you develop your idea and plan the correct way to launch for success, drawing upon channels who failed before with other vendors, mistakes, so you do not have to make them.

We also offer you entry level online TV channels powered by the same broadcast systems satellite channels use. This is a low cost entry level channel option idea for new channels looking to start small and grow big

And the Cherry on top is of course our is20 Satellite channels from basic SD quality to Premium HD.

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