Tips on starting your TV channel with Purple Turtle

Tips on Starting your own TV channel successfully

“How do I start my own TV channel?” “What do i need to start a TV channel” these are questions we often hear people looking to start the TV Journey. Here is a list that works if you looking for Tips on starting your own TV channel.

So, we thought we would publish some basic guidelines for those looking to start their own TV channel for their Church, Company or community.

Tips on starting your own TV channel

Know who you are!

For a channel to be successful you need to look at why people would watch your channel. What makes you stand out from the noise of other channels. Why should people watch you. And don’t kid yourself here thinking people will watch because they are loyal. With so many options out there if you are not grabbing your audience you will lose them

Loosing audience in many cases means losing funding and income which will result in you losing your channel.

Create a channel that is unique, DO NOT COPY OTHERS. People follow TV leaders NOT TV followers. The big channels you think you want to be like are BIG because they are uniquely who they are. They are NOT big because they copied someone else. Embrace what makes you unique and build on that.

Know your team

Do you have a very experienced video team on your side? NO? Stop right there go no further. A solid experienced video team is the foundation of your channel. If this team are not solid your channel will crack, crumble and fall.

TV is all about CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT!! Make quality content creation your focus.

Know your budget

Be realistic you get what you pay for. Nothing good comes cheap. Top TV Channels are Top because they spend money on quality service providers who know what they are doing and guide them correctly.

Whatever you think, running a channel will cost double it. However, much you think you need to invest in hardware double it. If you not scared silly by that now doubled figure and you can still make it work financially you may be ready to look at the next step. (in some cases, the double may not be needed but rather work with it and plan for the worrying number than under budget)

Look at your monthly costs. Ok so you think you ok? Now ensure you have 6 months of this in the bank or accessible for worst case scenario. Some say, “I don’t need it, our supporters will look after us” but sadly they close the next month.

Quality Professional TV comes from planning in detail. Yes, its true in some cases supporters may bail you out, but is not planning for bad times not wiser as it shows you are thinking ahead and accountable

Most new channels fail due to financial pressures. Reduce this risk but planning for it. Plan for the worst, embrace the best.

Know your service Providers

This is one of the most important parts. Your service providers are the ones who help you drive and power your TV channel start-up.

You need to select a provider who stops to hear you and your vision. Someone who believes in your vision and have a passion to help you exceed your vision (not just meet it)

Your TV channel start-up is unique so you need unique solutions built around you NOT an off the shelf cookie cutter solution to enable the sales person to make his commission for the month selling you something you really don’t need.

Is your service provider prepared to grow with you and extend you vision or are they just there to collect the monthly bill?

Does your service provider view you as an account number or a partner they are working with, with a united vision?

Purple Turtle Prides their selves in helping people start new TV channels online and on satellite by taking the time to hear you and see how we can make use of technology to help you advance your needs.

If you ask for something we don’t believe you need we will tell you so because being open and honest is more important to us than making a sale (We may never become the biggest provider because of this but we know we can at least sleep at night knowing we have served clients honestly)

You may not always like the answers we give but rest assured they are the ones you need to be successful.

Contact Purple Turtle for more information on how to start your own satellite TV channel and find out how much easier the whole process can be compared to others. CONTACT us today, don’t waste your time any further.

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