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So you have an idea to start your own TV channel, be it on Satellite OR online. You are looking for Tips to start your own TV channel and help people view media in new ways. Well you have come to the right place. Purple Turtle has 22 years (since 1998) of Broadcast Television experience and we are the only vendor that has a 100% success rate of new TV channels launching with us staying on air.

But enough of about what makes is flipping awesome. Lets jump right into the tips for starting your own TV channel you were after

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Tips to start your own TV channel on Satellite OR online.:
  1. Dreams are great to have. BUT if the dream is not grounded in reality it has no legs to become something real. Ask yourself this question to avoid wasting your time and money “Am I in a place to make this a reality or is it just a dream”
  2. Money Money Money Starting your own TV channel is not a quick get rich scheme, its not easy and most of all its NOT cheap. We suggest you do an in depth business plan before anything else. See if your idea can stand on paper before you speak to anyone else. This differentiates dreams from opportunities. Plan to have 3 to 6 months of costs to operate your own TV channel, in your bank BEFORE you start.
  3. Relevance. Why should viewers bother to watch your channel with all the options out there. What solution are you bringing to the viewers problems? And is that solution relevant to them?
  4. Reach What is the best method to help your viewers view media in new ways that connects with them? Online TV channel or a Satellite TV channel (we do both btw)
  5. TEAM This is the most critical. Do you have people with the technical abilities around you to help you start your own TV channel online or is20 even? If you don’t STOP, you not ready to move forwards. Without a team to create content to allow viewers to view media you make, you do not have a channel. Care should be taken on this point most of all

As always, Purple Turtle Satellite and Media are here to power your channel. From our 1:1 “Tv Channel Start Up Coaching Program” to affordable entry level online TV channels and of course full blown satellite TV channels on is20 satellite and other satellites around the world.

CONTACT Purple Turtle Satellite and Media today. We are here to help you launch (BUT do your own homework before, nail the 5 points and you are closer to success already)

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