Bonded Streaming Solutions. END buffering

Tired of your live events streaming or broadcasts buffering and breaking and being at low quality. Try Purple Turtle’s bonded streaming technology that works with OBS and other encoders make buffering and breaking a thing of the past and allows you to stream at higher quality with faster speeds.

OH it also allows you to bond smaller ISP links into one BIGGER bandwidth link as well.

We have all had it happen, be honest. You streaming/broadcasting a live event and at the critical time your internet link drops or you lose bandwidth and the stream either breaks up buffers or is lost totally as you madly scramble to try get it fixed and another solution put in place to resume asap while all the time fielding calls from angry clients and viewers.

At last there is a solution to this.

Now you can use as many LTE, 3G, Wifi or LAN links as you want ALL at the SAME time to get faster higher quality streaming. Even if one of the links dies your stream goes on unaffected and you maintain your stress free day.

Benefits of Purple Turtle Bonded Streaming and Broadcast Solution’s

  • Higher speeds possible than just one connection as it uses the sum bandwidth of all the connections
  • Redundant/backup links, link failure does not mean broadcast is impacted
  • Spread your stream or broadcast over multiple networks so you no longer at the mercy of one.
  • Stream in HD with Stability as you now have the bandwidth with our Bonded streaming and broadcast solution.

We offer the solution as a user purchased and operated or you can hire our services (customer purchased is cheaper though for the long run and you get our support all the way as well so the best of both worlds) A bonded streaming solution makes life simpler and more reliable when it comes to streaming plain and simple.

The solution is ideal for events companies, churches, and even broadcasters with our DVB solution.

Make contact with us today to find out how we can help you do what you are doing better.

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