With the explosion of Commercial drones globally many unique solutions have opened up making use of drones to solve unique problems for business. Many jobs that before would require an expensive real size helicopter can now be done by Drones at a fraction of the cost. This is what has powered the explosion of new drone technologies out there.

But as it is with all new technologies there are risks involved, many of which are unknown as this is such a new industry. This has in many countries triggered a knee jerk response from regulators who seek to protect airspace shared by drones and aircraft alike for better or worse.

This regulation of drones is no different in South Africa where South African Civil aviation (CAA) introduced the new Part 101 Drone aviation Laws. (for those interested in more information on this have a look at this link on the CAA website for Part 101

The result of which is any drone use for commercial use, business use or profit falls under these new laws, plus laws that are applicable to the “selfie” taking drone pilot as well, unknown to many.

I need a drone for a job, can I just get a buy one and fly it myself?

In theory yes you could, but it’s illegal in terms of drone laws in South Africa.

Illegal drone use carries a find of R50 000 and or 3 years in prison. So, one needs to ask the question is it worth the risk doing something illegal to try save money?

The reality is many people in South Africa are ignoring the Law, as is common where people think they are above the law, criminal activity explodes which makes regulators regulate harder to try managing risks.

Would you fly in an aircraft or airline where the operator or pilot was not licensed regulated and controlled to ensure quality or safety? So why would you do that with drones?

I want to use drones in my business how do I go about it?

Good question. You have 2 options on this really and the choice of option comes down to how much time/patience you have.


Contact one of the CAA register and licensed ROC like Purple Turtle Aviation who can legally supply you professional services for the task you have at hand.

The benefits of this is you get the job done fast, professionally and to highest standards as all ROC drone operators in South Africa are audited internally and externally by CAA.

Also, ONLY legal drone operations carry public liability insurance, so you know you are covered. Illegal non-registered drone operators do not have this cover, even though some main claim so as insurers will not insure illegal operations.

The benefits of contacting a legal commercial drone operator with CAA issued ROC like Purple Turtle Aviation, UAV Drone services, Port Elizabeth, South Africa is you get the job done fast and by specialists in the fields.


Apply for your own ROC with CAA so you can operate legally. This is a process that generally takes 2 to 3 years with the speed CAA are working at sadly and is not easy to say the least with a near vertical learning curve. Should you wish to open pandoras box the info on how to do this can be here, how to register your ROC

What applications can I use drones for in my business in South Africa?

Well the sky is the limit really, well up to 400ft at least (a little CAA part 101 humour) if you can dream it and it makes financial sense and is safe and legal we can do it for you.

Purple Turtle UAV Drone Services, South Africa’s primary focus as a broadcasting company is aerial drone photography and videography with a speciality in Television side of things.

As a broadcast company Purple Turtle Group has over 20 years’ experience in the broadcast industry operating in South Africa as well as in Africa, Middle East and Asia. We draw from this technical expertise in our TV drone filming platforms.

From our LIVE broadcast drones to our 4K professional video shooting drone platforms, our services are designed to meet the needs of the TV and broadcast industry from entry level to high end productions.

Other applications drones can be used for are agriculture, insurance inspections and literally as we mentioned anywhere you have a solution needing solving.

Purple Turtle UAV and Drone Services South Africa specialises in developing new drone applications with clients, suited fully to their needs. Our clients have solutions that 100% suite them in all ways and not just a solution off the shelf. Why compromise get 100% of what you need 100% of the time with unique customised drone solutions.

How do I book a legal drone service provider?

Booking a legal and CAA registered drone provider is easy. Give us a call, email, WhatsApp and let us know what you want to do.

Purple Turtle Aviation’s UAV and Drone services team will get in contact with you and let you know the basic legal requirements needed for all jobs to ensure quality and safety for the flight operations.

We will then discuss options with you to best achieve your needs and goals using Drones for solutions.

Paperwork is completed, and we file the necessary permissions for flights with the required legal entities (where required) and then the flight is conducted.

I can’t be onsite for the flight but would like to see the drone footage live can you help?

Purple Turtle Aviation Drone services has just the solution for you. With our LIVE drone application, we can broadcast LIVE video from our drones to the client anywhere in the world with low latency (low delay) allowing easy feedback to people in the field.

May other solutions offered for this application by other suppliers have 8+ seconds delay. The Purple Turtle LIVE Drone has approx. 1 second or less delay (latency) making it the perfect option for live solutions. And it’s in Broadcast quality. To find out more about latency you may with to read this article here

Our LIVE TV DRONE broadcasts live broadcast quality video back to TV studios around the world and is tried and tested solution by us since 2011 in the African Context.

Is using a registered drone service provider more expensive than using my “friend”?

The answer is yes. This is due to the fact that legal drone operators have to have Quality Management and Safety Management audits regularly. Plus CAA trained staff need to be employed fulfil those roles to ensure quality and standards are met for safe drone flights.

The “friend” has zero over heads, but also zero accountability, zero safety mechanisms, zero public liability insurance and is 100% illegal placing you at risk using them. Hiring illegals places you at risk in all aspects of business most of all liability.

But paying extra you are assured of quality and limited liability in case of any accidents etc so it may seem costly now, but it comes with assurance that you are not left open to liability claims from 3rd parties and coming on the wrong end of the law employing illegal operators.

Should you have any more questions about how UAV Drone Services can be of benefit to your business please feel free to contact us today

You can also find out more information about our Drone and UAV service offerings in South Africa by visiting our Aviation section of our site.

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