Purple Turtle Communications and SNG trucks, South Africa is proud to announce the availability of our new ultra-light weight KU band flyaway customised for Africa SNG satellite uplink and live broadcasts deployments.

As the broadcast industry has changed so much over the last few years with new technologies emerging coupled with ever shrinking production budgets, one of the biggest challenges for SNG broadcasts from Africa has been budget due to high costs or cargo.
Traditional SNG gear is bulky and with the new Airline rules on baggage sizes and weight, most if not all of these systems can no longer go excess baggage and has to be flown cargo, which takes longer and can be more expensive.
Due to these limitations making SNG and outside broadcasts in Africa more challenging plus add the usual stress of running a production from Africa we have seen many broadcasters thinking twice before doing live broadcast from the region.

To help remedy this issue Purple Turtle Communications and SNG services, South Africa has put together our new light weight compact DSNG KU Band flyaway for deployment as excess baggage in Africa, so we can get to places faster and cheaper for clients.

The system consists of

•    1.2m KU band flyaway
•    Redundant DVB-S2 Modulators
•    Redundant DVB HD Mpeg2/4 encoders
•    Redundant 125W SSPA GAN Extended KU Band Amps
•    Video audio monitoring and quality control
•    Optional fibre links for long camera runs

Our focus has been to make a KU band HD SNG Flyaway that can be deployed in Africa, fast and cost effectively without compromising on quality.
So Give Purple Turtle Communications SNG trucks in South Africa call for your next Africa SNG or OB production and allow us to help you save money and make the production work and work well without the usual Africa stress. Please also visit our website to find out more about our Broadcast Services and SNG offerings

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