The client reached out to us as their annual costs for training was sky rocketing as they often had to get people to travel to the training point which meant flights accommodation etc. Since they had offices all around Southern Africa these costs added up. The question was, was it possible to be able to help them save the costs connect everyone but at the same time now loose the personal connection side of it.

Their specific requirements:

  • Link all 30 branches to the training
  • Remove the need for participants to travel
  • Save costs on travel


  • Installation at branches in short period of time
  • Finding a way to preserve the personal contact aspect of the training
  • Making training feel normal for the trainer.


Purple Turtle opted for satellite distribution for this as it would reach all venues at once. Internet delivery although effective meant that all branches needed good internet connection which posed a challenge for some of the over boarder venues. The main live training venue was selected as the place for the live satellite link to happen with our SNG Uplink from Africa solutions. The trainer had a room of people there so training was like normal. We opted for this as a trainer in a studio would lose lot of the personal interaction. We also established a dial in line where people could ask the trainer questions live at the set question times. There was also the ability to email and online message questions through as well giving people participating different ways to ask question even from their mobile phones and remain anonymous even.

The training was done with our OB (outside broadcast) facility allowing multiple cameras to be used as well as screen shots for Power Point to make the remote regions part of the day. This production was also recorded and placed on DVD so it could be used at later stages and reviewed as needed by participants after.


Although being a different way of training participants got used to it. Not having to travel and being able to be at home was appreciated. The ability to interact with the trainer was a plus for viewers as they could ask questions as they would normally using different media. More questions were asked as people could remain anonymous so would not feel silly for asking some questions they needed answered.

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