Starting your own TV channel on satellite or online is a great way to reach viewers and help them view media you create in new ways. BUT care should be taken when you do it so that your content reaches viewers in ways they can easily access it AND content that is relevant to them.

5 TIPS to Help your Viewers View Media in New Ways

  1. Where are your viewers viewing from? Are that able to access via high speed internet or not
  2. Why is your content relevant? What problem or pain point is your TV channel solving for them AND is it truly a problem they have OR is it just one you think they have? Because if not relevant they wont view media you make.
  3. Who are you trying to reach? You need to have a very clear image of this, otherwise you are like a blind person walking around hoping you may get to your destination though luck.
  4. Can you produce enough content thats relevant? Content determines your success. Can you create new content fast enough so people can view it and that is remains relevant?
  5. Based on the above what is the best medium for you. You don’t want to choose a medium ie satellite or online when your real viewers don’t view media in that way at all.

Lets be honest here. Starting a TV channel be it online or on satellite is NO easy task. If it were everyone would be doing it and since they are not, you should stop and ask why in your journey to ensure higher chances of success.

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