Purple Turtle Investments and acquisitions is part of the Purple Turtle Group. It is incorporated in the USA.  Its primary focus is small to medium business investments and acquisitions and operates predominately in the USA. However it does from time to time making acquisitions outside of the region.

Headed by a 25+ year specialist in small to medium business operations, systems and efficiency, RiC Spear heads our team of specialists to turn around and rapidly grow the companies we acquire.

Purple Turtle Investments acquires companies across several different industries and do no pigeon hole ourselves. Some may say “This is unwise and you should specialize.” While this may be true for some it is not the case for us. Our strength comes from diversity and as RiC Spear has discovered over the years in the many different industries he has founded and run companies in the core key principles and methods developed by Purple Turtle Investments translate to success is almost every industry we are involved in.


Purple Turtle Investments was created after RiC endured the pain and suffering of using a broker to try sell 2 of his companies. The brokers promised the world and delivered a steaming pile of ….
The Longer the company was on the market publicly the more it damaged reputation in the industry and because it was “for sale” for a long time, it created perception for buyers and the industry that there was something wrong with it.
After getting fed up with the frustration of using brokers and realizing he preferred used card sales persons and lawyers more than brokers,  RiC took things into his own hands, fired the broker and pulled the companies from the market.

A period of triaging the damage to reputation was required to restore the companies to their previous position.

LESSON #1 was learned. “Business owners are the BEST person to sell their company” But it is not simple if you have not done it before. The lessons learned, the hard way here by RiC is a big part of the methods and tools used still today for success. Only when you are inside a company and can see the good, the bad and the outright ugly can you position the company for sale best after fixing the ugly.

LESSON #2 was learned and it is “Each company has hidden gold and value, it just needs to be mined and refined” While selling one of his companies RiC discovered the VALUE that can be accessed and tapped that already exists in a company. The things owners take for granted even have value when packaged correctly. Again this value can only been seen from the inside 1st to be able to show case it for the outside for a sale.

So using the real world lessons learned RiC created Purple Turtle Investments. We acquire and invest in small to medium companies. We get out hands dirty with you to prepare and grow a company to achieve best exit value. In most cases we develop exit strategies for companies that had none and owners are stuck with the dilemma of how to move on without selling assets, firing staff and closing shop due to lack of cash flow, or no exit plan.

Purple Turtle Investments and acquisitions also specialize in introducing our tried and tested Growth Strategies and systems to companies who are looking to add a lot of shareholder value and achieve a successful 7 figure exit within a 2–5-year period.
Purple Turtle Investments and acquisitions are different to most as we are happy to be minority shareholders while working in a non-executive capacity alongside existing successful management to exponentially grow a company’s profitability through our 25+ years’ experience, systems, processes, and contacts.

So, if you may be considering selling your company or looking for a strategic partner to help you to the next level Purple Turtle Investments and acquisitions is your solution.
We simply get and understand small to medium business more than most.
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