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At Purple Turtle, we get contacted weekly by people wanting to Start a TV Channel, be it on satellite or online. They all asks us the same questions so we thought we would address some of them in this post to assist those looking to launch their own satellite TV channel so viewers can view media in new ways globally.

“We have never owned or run our own channel before”

Don’t worry. Few channels who launched had before and we have had the pleasure of helping many new channels launch. In fact we help them launch so well we are the ONLY vendor on the popular is20 satellite to have a 100% success rate of new channels launching with us staying on air. We have also launched “TV Channel Start up” coaching and mentoring programs to help new start ups learn what to plan for and grow before going on air. The most important things you need to have in place for success is

  1. Funding Ensure you have 3 to 6 months monthly costs in your account before you start. This excercise will pressure test your plans before you spend a sent.
  2. Content: Without programing you do not have a channel. Without a Video dept that knows how to produce content, you do not have a channel so focus on these

“What Services does Purple Turtle Supply”

Great question. Truth is with our 22+ years experience (since 1998) of true broadcast experience as a company globally, we have extensive high level experience in many areas. Thus we are able to offer clients customized solutions to their unique needs and not just basic standard cookie cutter offerings as many others do.

Some of the things we offer (but not limited only to these) are:
  1. Satellite space on Premium satellites around the world.
  2. OTT and streaming (in Africa by Africa since 2009 before streaming became cool)
  3. Hosted or onsite Broadcast Video Playout servers
  4. Global IP video distribution
  5. Live event broadcasting
  6. Coaching/Mentoring programs for new startup channels

“How Can I start my own TV channel?”

As mentioned above the 2 key things (yes over simplified) are FINANCE and CONTENT. Without those no channel sees the light of day or success. After than planning is key and surrounding yourself with people experienced in video production.

“How do I get my programs on air with you”

This is where it starts to get fun. Purple Turtle offers you many solutions to make this happen. From our cloud hosted servers freeing you up from having to buy, maintain hardware, power and connectivity, TO onsite solutions where your channel runs from your office giving you full hands on control.

For the cloud based servers that we have offered since 2009 well before it became trendy its as simply as uploading your video files the the server and then scheduling your daily programs. Purple Turtle takes care of the rest for you. You focus on content and making awesome TV, we focus on the tech stuff for you.

“What levels of support do you offer for TV channels when I start a TV Channel with you”

Unlike other vendors Purple Turtle believes in personalized support by real people that you have a relationship with and shares your passion and vision. We do not use impersonal support tickets that makes you wait hours. We also do not make you call international support numbers either. We are right there with you all the way with your personal account rep and tech team in the palm of your hands. Purple Turtles customer service and support is the #1 reason why clients come to us leaving other vendors. Don’t believe us reach out and we will let you speak with our customers. We put our money where our mouths are.

“Can I advertise or sell airtime on my TV channel?”

Its your channel so YES you can as long as it maintains acceptable standards in your region.
BUT that said, we caution channel startups who plan to fund their channel with airtime sales against the idea. WHY because its the down fall of many channels. What we advise is diversify your funding and have airtime sales as extra gravy and NOT the main course.

Purple Turtle has been here since 1998 and are used by broadcasters around the world because of our name and service.

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