Purple Turtle Communications and SNG based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa had the pleasure of recently working with a premier UK morning show to bring the worlds 1st LIVE satellite broadcast from the very edge of the Victoria falls in Zambia to form part of the incredible morning TV programming.

TV made easy from Africa

Operating live Television out of Africa is never easy and has many hidden pitfalls. Because of this fact the client contracted Purple Turtle Communications and SNG to supply the link for them taking care of all the logistics to make the day happen and happen well. A flight check-able high-power HD, KU Band flyaway was used to reduce cargo costs to fit in with the production budget.

The Victoria falls is listed as one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage site adding to the challenges of planning a live broadcast from its very edge.

July saw the Falls being at its highest water levels making for spectacular vistas with the falls in full flow. This also posted a challenge as the mist from the falls blows in different directions based on the wind and becomes a torrential down pour, which is challenging for electronics and satellite links.

In the end site was selected and tested and the days broadcast kicked off with mind blowing live shots showing how crazy big the falls are reducing the presenter to a mere pixel when the shot was zoomed out.

Why Purple Turtle?

Purple Turtle Communications and SNG Services based in South Africa operates throughout South Africa and Africa and globally supplying budget quality HD SNG service links, broadcast solutions and more recently broadcast quality live professional drone-based broadcast services. Our specialty is focusing on the customer as a person and not an account number to ensure we work together to make “sexy” television happen. Because same old is just not good enough.

Purple Turtle Communications has been supplying broadcast-based solutions and SNG services in Africa since 1998 and are ideally positions to offer you a personalized hands on solutions that works, simply


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