start your own satellite tv channel

Re-Tuning your DSTV Viewsat decoder to Pickup View Free to air Mpeg4 channels Free

Tune your DSTV decoder to free channels by Purple Turtle Media

For information on How to Tune your DSTV decoder to the FREE Public channels, please contact your DSTV installer as we are unable to support home users in tuning their decoders. Tuning your DSTV decoder is a great way to get the free Public channels. But it does still require a DSTV subscription of some kind. EasyView is suggested as its cheap and easy.

To find out how to launch your own Satellite TV Channel Please visit our site for more information under Broadcast.

Start you own satellite tv DIY HD Free to air channels on is20 with Purple Turtle

Start a satellite tv channel in Africa with Purple Turtle

Purple Turtle Media is proud to announce ourrelease of our latest cutting edge product on the is20 satellite covering Africa. HD DIY Starter channel on is20 satellite ku band.

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